[CentOS] lshw in centos 7 withdrawn

Fri Jan 12 22:18:51 UTC 2018
david <david at daku.org>

Thanks for the suggestion.  I finally had a chance to get to the 
system in question,  It was the only one of many that exhibited the 
USB hang.  I tried a reboot with the two USB disks 
disconnected.  Everything worked.  I plugged them in, and then did 
both "lsusb -v" and "lshw", and again, everything worked.

Continuing my test:
Reboot with both drives plugged in:  all worked.

Power off, wait 1 minute for everything to quiet down, power on:  all worked.

So, I can't reproduce the problem.  I guess I have to blame cosmic 
rays or those nasty gremlins that inhabit our IC's.  :-)  Or is it 
related to the annoying spin-down and spin-up delay of external USB 
disks.  I have issues with the spin-up delay on other CentOS 
platforms, and have managed to find a kludge to avoid it most of the 
time.  Windows 10 seems to handle the delay well.

Thanks for your idea.  At least it led me to "lsusb -v".


At 05:33 PM 1/11/2018, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>On 11 January 2018 at 20:23, david <david at daku.org> wrote:
> > Folks
> >
> > I've been running lshw for years in both Centos 6 and Centos 7, yet just
> > recently it started hanging.  Neither a Control^C nor a "kill" of the
> > process cured the hang; only a reboot.
> >
>Is this just one system or a range of boxes? I just ran it on 2
>different ones running CentOS 7 and it worked fine there. If it is
>just one particular hardware then look through the lshw man page and
>try the versions of something like
>lshw -disable usb
>to see if it still happens. [It might require other tests also.]
> > When I run it by hand from the command line, it displays stuff on the next
> > line overwriting it with things like PCI, USB.  And USB is the last thing I
> > see.  A Control-C does not unlock it.
> >
> > I am running lshw-B.02.18-7.el7.x86_64.  The CPU is an Intel I7-3770K,
> > running CentOS 7.4.1708
> >
> > Is there any idea? Is there some alternate program that could list the
> > hardware?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > David
> >