[CentOS] /lib/firmware/microcode.dat update on CentOS 6

Wed Jan 17 22:22:46 UTC 2018
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 01/17/2018 03:24 PM, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> Dear All,
> An update just brought on my CenOS 6 boxes updated microcode.dat files:
>  /lib/firmware/microcode.dat
> Does anybody know off hand what (how critical) is that, as, if it is
> related to most famous these days trouble with CPU hardware, I will need
> to reboot relevant boxes to have new microcode loaded. But if it is not
> that critical, it can wait till next reboot.
> Thanks a lot and apologies for laziness (not looking into details of
> this particular update myself).

As Phil said, this basically REMOVES the new microcode.dat file and
reverts to the last stable one before the spectre / meltdown update set.

Please see my tweet about this:


For those of you without twitter (WHAT .. who doesn't have twitter :D )

Look at:


Get the latest microcode.dat file from here:


See how to update the microcode from the links at the bottom of this page:


An before anyone asks .. I have no idea why Red Hat chose this path,
they did.  It doesn't matter if I (or anyone else) agrees with the
decision.  It is what it is.

Johnny Hughes

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