[CentOS] failure to start httpd after today update

Tue Jan 23 18:35:16 UTC 2018
Mikhail Utin <mikhailutin at hotmail.com>

Thank you for willing to help. It was a coincidence. Just a few hours between update (including microcode) and server disabled.

The real reason was expired default certificate. I once used httpd. The cert has been installed by mod_nss a few years ago. I somehow late at night yesterday missed "error" log to check while checked others. So, Apache was blocked to start until nss.conf is in  place (or mod_nss). I finally removed mod_nss together with mod_resolver as dependence.

There is old post on 8181 error but now mod_resolver is to be removed first.

Thank you very much

Mikhail Utin

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> Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 00:55:28 +0000
> From: Mikhail Utin <mikhailutin at hotmail.com>
> Hello,
> I ran today update of my CentOS 6.9 running on Dell T105 (AMD
> OPTERON) and httpd failed to start. Any idea what could cause that?
> I never had a problem after CentOS 6.x update. Web server runs
> since March 2017. I do updates usually once in a week.

A bit more information could be useful - versions/errors

I don't believe that there has been an update to httpd for C6 since
late october, with updates for a number of other things being
released since then too (some of which, if installed, would have
required a reboot). Knowing the httpd version you have installed
would be a useful bit of detail.

What does your logging show? If it appears that only httpd isn't
starting, I would check the httpd error log first. If that doesn't
show enough then try the /var/log/messages .

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