[CentOS] best centos server setup for graphics intensive kvm vms?

Tue Jan 23 18:49:58 UTC 2018
Morgan Read <mstuff at read.org.nz>

Thanks Nux for the follow up!

On 22/01/18 08:54, Nux! wrote:
> You'd need to run virt-manager GUI somehow to manage the VMs. If you run Fedora already on another machine then you can just yum install it and use it from there.
That's what I figured - I already run an XP and W7 virt machines as well 
as sometimes RemixOS just for fun on my everyday machine and thought I 
could remote control.

> You might run into a problem though with your Libreelec VM as you'd need to enable GPU passthrough for it and for that you need Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi enabled in the BIOS. If your laptop is old it may not have that feature.I wondered about that - the laptop is VT-x, but not VT-d.  But, as I run 
the above GUI machines on my laptop without VT-d, then shouldn't I be 
able to run Libreelec?  Or, is it that I will just need the server/host 
setup with a gui?  And, if that's the case, then perhaps I run Libreelec 
on the server/host and not as a VM and the rest as VM?

> Owncloud has been obsoleted by Nextcloud btw.
Can't keep up - getting old...

Many thanks