[CentOS] Gtkcdlabel + cdlabelgen on CentOS 7 ?

Tue Jan 2 17:11:52 UTC 2018
Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr>


I've been using the nifty little application Gtkcdlabel for making CD
and DVD covers since 2005, if I remember correctly. Later versions are
written in Python, and it's a graphical frontend to the cdlabelgen utility.

The application doesn't look very well maintained, since the 1.15
release dates back to 2011. Nevertheless, I've been successfully running
it on Slackware Linux until the latest 14.2 release.

I'm currently trying to install it on CentOS 7, and I'm only having a
partial success, with a showstopper. Here's what I could manage so far.

The 'cdlabelgen' command line utility is available on EPEL, so I
installed that.

I downloaded Gtkcdlabel on the project site:


The installation process takes you back 25 years, since it amounts to this:

# tar xvjf gtkcdlabel-1.15.tar.bz2 -C /

This installs the application in /usr/bin/gtkcdlabel.py along with a new
desktop entry (and the ugliest icon on the planet).

The application shows OK when running it, but PostScript file generation
fails. I launched it from a terminal by invoking gtkcdlabel.py, filled
out a few fields like Title and Subtitle and then clicked on Preview.
Normally this is supposed to launch the PDF viewer (/usr/bin/evince in
the default configuration). And it launches, except it gets stuck here,
since nothing is generated.

Under the hood, in my terminal, I get the following string of error

(libspectre) ghostscript reports: invalidfont -10
(libspectre) ghostscript reports: invalidfont -10
(libspectre) ghostscript reports: invalidfont -10
(libspectre) ghostscript reports: invalidfont -10
(libspectre) ghostscript reports: invalidfont -10

I checked, and ghostscript as well as ghostscript-fonts are installed.

Which leaves me clueless.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I've been using this
application for years on a daily basis.



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