[CentOS] Audio Output Timer Utility

Tue Jan 9 17:34:32 UTC 2018
Chris Olson <chris_e_olson at yahoo.com>

We have several CentOS 6.x systems that are incorporated into
suites of special test equipment.  One of the requirements for
these systems is that they be kept up to date and they are kept
up to date using yum once per week or more frequently, as needed.
All of our CentOS 6.x systems have at least 2TB system disks and
were installed with essentially everything that was available on
the DVD at the time of initial setup.

One of our programs is currently in Beta Test which includes both
command line and GUI operator inputs and responses.  The functional
testing requires operator inputs or responses within certain time
frames.  This timing has usually been implemented with a stopwatch
that is operated by a test director. Other timing options would
beneficial for complex testing scenarios

One of our test directors suggested that we use a digital count-
down timer with audio outputs to prompt test operators for their
inputs or responses at appropriate times.  We have not found such
a utility on our CentOS 6 distribution.  If there is one available,
we would appreciate any information that can be provided.  Thanks.