[CentOS] best centos server setup for graphics intensive kvm vms?

Sun Jan 21 18:59:49 UTC 2018
Morgan Read <mstuff at read.org.nz>

Hallo list

I've been running fedora for donks as my production laptop os, but now
I want to set up one of those old laptops to run as a home server
running a number of home type vm appliances.  I don't want to risk
having to tear down and rebuild the setup every 6 months to a year -
so, figure centos is my best canditate to run as a stable server.

The sort of home type vms I envisage running include:
LibreELEC https://libreelec.tv/
Vortexbox https://wiki.vortexbox.org/available_images
ownCloud https://owncloud.org/download/#owncloud-server-appliance
freeSwitch https://freeswitch.org/pages/vm.html

Without wanting to start a very competative discussion - what would be
a suggested minimal centos 7 install to provide such a server?

My main area of confusion is whether I need a gui on the server for kodi?

Many thanks for any answers to this wildly open ended question!

Morgan Read
E mstuff at read.org.nz