[CentOS] Mirroring centos.org

Mon Jan 29 15:22:49 UTC 2018
Felipe Westfields <felipe.westfields at gmail.com>


I would like to mirror the centos.org repository for an offline network. I
don't need the ISO images, don't need any i386 stuff, and I think I
probably don't need any of the source code rpms either. Most of the clients
are CentOS 6.x, so I don't want to download the CentOS 7.x tree yet either
(that will come soon, but separately from this one).

I tried using this command, but it still downloaded all of the i386
sub-folders anyway, and I got about 15 gigs or so of stuff I didn't want.

wget -m -np --exclude-directories=i386 http://mirror.centos.org/centos-6/6/

I'm guessing there's a formatting mistake of some kind in this command. Do
you need to specify the excluded sub-folders relative to the top directory
you're downloading from? i.e. rather than "i386", you'd need to specify