[CentOS] Logwatch inconsistency

Thu Jul 19 07:58:13 UTC 2018
Adrian van Bloois <adrian at pa0rda.nl>

Hi all,
In my logwatch config I clearly state only too report on Yesterday.
The funny thing is that in the MailScanner section the number of mails
scanned is different thant th number reported in the postfix section to
be put on hold.
Ik I grep the Requeue statements in the MailScanner logfile this is
exactly the same number as the scan result of Hold in the postfix
logfile and is equal to the number reported by logwatch in the
MailScanner section.
How come postfix reports a lot more being put on hold than the real
There is at least some inconsistency in there.


	Adri P. van Bloois

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	Edsger W. Dijkstra