[CentOS] SCLO: Clang 5 package

Wed Jul 25 02:41:24 UTC 2018
Tim R <perceptualchaos3 at gmail.com>

Hi, a new version of llvm toolset was released on RHEL including clang 5
several months ago:


devtoolset 7.1 (gcc 7.3) was announced around the same time and has been in
CentOS sclo repo for some time now, but still no sign of clang 5.

Is this on anyone's to do list? llvm toolset contains a really convenient
version of clang / clang-format, which I believe many developers are using
daily for various tools. Clang 5 is required for C++17 support, so a prompt
update would be highly appreciated.

Sorry if this is not the correct mailing list.

Best regards