[CentOS] bad text under KDE and C7

Thu Jul 12 21:43:01 UTC 2018
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> > A long shot is the theme. Are you using some non-standard theme on your
> > desktop?
> What is a theme?

It's how the desktop looks - colours, icons, widgets that sort of
thing.  Complex themes have a "theme engine" underneath that does a lot
of the hard work of drawing things on the screen

> > Finally, do you have a spare graphics card you could try in the
> > machine? (This is just to make sure there's no hardware problem.)
> Only as a last resort.
> Having already lost a couple graphics cards (not in this machine),
> I open the case rarely and with fear and trepidation.
> When I hover over text, the black tape effect goes away.
> Do graphics cards know about text or hovering?

Not really. But hardware issues may affect the rendering of some