[CentOS] C7, ipmi, NIC2, still fighting

Fri Jul 13 14:08:40 UTC 2018
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Jonathan Billings wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 07:27:58PM -0500, Chris Adams wrote:
>>> Default Gateway IP      :
>>> Default Gateway MAC     : 00:25:90:0a:42:87
>> No, that does not look right.  You have configured the gateway of the
>> IPMI to be the host OS side of the NIC.  You can't do that... in a lot
>> of systems I've seen, the IPMI side of the NIC can't even talk to the
>> host OS on the network.
> From previous emails, I gather that mark can't find the way to set
> which interface the IPMI BMC uses, so he's setting the BMC's IP settings to
> use one of the NICs as a gateway.  This is not how you make that setting
> (it won't work) but I can see where he's coming
> from.
> In my experience, it's either hard-wired to a particular interface.
> This should be documented, otherwise you need another computer on the
> same network or connected with a crossover cable to figure it out.
> Sometimes you can set the interface that IPMI uses in the BIOS or
> through 'ipmitool'.
Thanks for the info; the thing I never understood in the documentation was
the business of "shared with lomx" - is that for a second management port?

Aos, my manager tells me to think of the BMC as a completely separate
computer, which it is, but that has *no* contact with the o/s.

On the other hand... *sigh* - I've solved the original issue: y'see, the
server's just below the middle of my chest in the rack, and the fans stick
out about a cm or two. I went back into the room last night, with a
flashlight... and bent down, and lo and behold, there *was* a perfectly
good management port. Connected that, did a warm reboot of the bmc, and
all is well.

My manager, the other admin I work with, and I were all too tall to see
the port, so I guess there is some use for short people*....


* Of course I'm hearing Randy Newman's Short People in my head.