[CentOS] C7, just updated firefox, bugs

Fri Jul 13 15:44:02 UTC 2018
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 07/13/2018 09:03 AM, mark wrote:
>> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> On 07/13/2018 02:36 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
>>>> Le 12/07/2018 à 16:36, mark a écrit :
>>>>> I just updated the "critical" firefox update, and it is
>>>>> *seriously* buggy.
>> Ok... first, let me say that I'm anal, and log out of my workstation,
>> not just lock the screen, when I leave for the day, so *everything* I
>> have running should be shut down.
>> Now, here's my observations: I see four firefox processes running now.
>> I have two windows open, but there's also the original root of them
>> (firefox -P --no-remote). I can understand two other processes,
>> since I have to> firefox windows open, but I don't know why I have
>> three.
> Looking at this now .. here is how it appears to work:
> there is a wrapper ..
> /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox
> That is one process .. and it starts the rest
> ==========================================
> then there is a process called:
> -childID 1
> That seems to be the main broswer process .. all the things besides the
> actual TABS.
> ===========================================
> Then each tab you open spawns a seperate process .. so the first TAB
> (that is your home page) spawns a process with '-childID 2'
> ============================================
> Other tabs seem to spawn an other new '-childID <X>'
> So, it seems that the main process and the '-childID 1' process stay
> forever // and some of the other Child processes start and stop as
> required.
> if you do ps -ef | grep firefox, you can get info on the processes .. and
> I an certainly not an expert .. but I don't see any issues.

I just saw something, maybe on slashdot, that chrome was doing that, to
try to prevent malware on one site slipping itself to another tab. But
I've to many, many tabs, so I'm not sure why only three processes, if
that's the case. Also, that suggests that t-bird's trying to start a new
tab in the wrong process.