[CentOS] Which is better? Microsoft Exchange 2016 or Linux-based SMTP Servers?

Wed Jul 18 19:05:13 UTC 2018
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Andrew Holway wrote:
>> Andrew, you should understand that you are talking to experts in Linux
>> here.
> No, i was talking to the OP who is seemingly not an expert. Advising
> those who not competent that they can set up and run their own mailserver
> is probably negligent.
> Whipping up Exim and Dovecot for your own private email server is one
> thing. Setting up for an organisation is a completely different story.
> Mailservers are extremely hard to do well and a job for a specialists.
> Just making mail deliverable requires specialist knowledge and keeping
> an up-to-date and effective spam filter is near impossible nowadays.

Excerpt, what you seem to be missing, is that the OP posted *here*, and it
seems, at least to me, that he's looking at Linux as a distinct