[CentOS] Issues booting centos7 [dracut is failing to enable centos/root, centos/swap LVs]

Tue Jul 31 07:40:52 UTC 2018
Yannis Milios <yannis.milios at gmail.com>

And when you did so, did you remove the "rd.shell" from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX
> before?
Yes, basically that option was not there by default, I added it during the
troubleshootig steps. Normally, rd.lvm.lv=centos/root and rd.lvm.lv=centos/swap
are the kernel parameters which are parsed to dracut for enablig the two
LVs, but somehow dracut does not.

I've copied the log from dracut in here, can this be helpful to locate the


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