[CentOS] Dual booting Windows 10 and CentOS 7

Tue Jun 5 18:00:25 UTC 2018
Becker, Denis <denis.becker at mnsu.edu>

Hi -

I have an Engineering lab that was set up to dual boot with windows 7 and CentOS 6. This has worked just fine.

I would like to get advice on doing the same with Windows 10.

Steps I have tried -
1. Free up space for CentOS 7/C7 (50 gb).
2. Reboot to C7 installer.

Here I see my single Local Disk with 48.83 GiB free. I selected "I will configure partitioning" and hit "Done".

This brought up -   "New CentOS installation" and at the bottom 48.83 Gib free. I would like to put my C7 in there.

I set the "New mount points will use the following partitioning scheme" to "Standard Partition" and hit "+". I get a popup titled "ADD A NEW MOUNT POINT" or where I have to select a "Mount Point" of   /,   /boot,  /home,   /var,   swap,  or  biosboot.

Do I have to select and define all the above all or is there a subset that will allow me to install C7? What would be reasonable sizes for the partition?

After the install - how do I configure grub to Dual boot?

Finally, is there a way to automate the process? I think with the W7 and C6 I was able to create on script that would execute and setup a PC automatically.

Thanks - I hope this is do-able.


Denis Becker
ITS -  Engineering
College of Science, Engineering, and Technology
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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