[CentOS] git public web frontends

Wed Jun 6 10:06:17 UTC 2018
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>


Set up a CentOS 7.5 VM linode for git now that github has been bought.

I'm not anti-microsoft but I'm worried they will make changes that I 
don't like (e.g. requiring ms account, changing billing, etc.) so I 
figured better take control now.

Currently moving my private repos and have them set up in my home 
directory there, but my public repos - I want to set them up with a web 
interface so people can browse them etc. and do a git clone w/o needing 

I'll be putting those in /srv/git and using a different username than 
the account for my private git repositories.

But... can anyone recommend a web front end?

It doesn't need to be as fancy as github but it does need to parse 
markdown as all my documentation is in markdown.

Thanks for suggestions.

Preferably something that "just works" with CentOS 7.


What would be fantastic is if someone made some kind of federation type 
service similar to how Mastodon works that lets public git repositories 
that opt in be found without needing to be on a centralized server.

But I doubt that currently exists.