[CentOS] git public web frontends

Wed Jun 6 12:35:14 UTC 2018
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

On 06/06/18 12:06, Alice Wonder wrote:
> Hello,
> Set up a CentOS 7.5 VM linode for git now that github has been bought.
> I'm not anti-microsoft but I'm worried they will make changes that I
> don't like (e.g. requiring ms account, changing billing, etc.) so I
> figured better take control now.
> Currently moving my private repos and have them set up in my home
> directory there, but my public repos - I want to set them up with a web
> interface so people can browse them etc. and do a git clone w/o needing
> authentication.
> I'll be putting those in /srv/git and using a different username than
> the account for my private git repositories.
> But... can anyone recommend a web front end?
> It doesn't need to be as fancy as github but it does need to parse
> markdown as all my documentation is in markdown.
> Thanks for suggestions.
> Preferably something that "just works" with CentOS 7.

Something light, that just works : https://gitea.io
But it depends on your needs

The good news is that I started to use it for some infra git
repositories for CentOS infra, so I had to build a rpm (and so wrote a
.spec for that).
I build those on CBS/koji and built pkgs are available directly there :

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