[CentOS] Slightly OT : write bootable CentOS USB disk under Windows 10 and Mac OS X ?

Thu Jun 7 15:46:32 UTC 2018
Jon Pruente <jpruente at riskanalytics.com>

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 10:39 AM, Nicolas Kovacs <info at microlinux.fr> wrote
> How do you write a bootable CentOS USB disk using either Windows 10 or
> Mac OS X ?
> I've googled this, of course, and there's quite a lot of possible
> solutions out there, so I'm curious about a more or less *orthodox* way
> of doing things.
> Me, I've been 100 % GNU/Linux since 2001, CentOS is running on my
> workstation and on my laptop, and I'm simply writing the ISO file to a
> USB stick using dd if=CentOS-XXXX.iso of=/dev/sdX.
For macOS you can use dd as well, but you should use the raw device instead
of the buffered one. So, if your drive is set as disk2 (checked by running
'diskutil list') instead of /dev/disk2 you would use /dev/rdisk2 as a
target. Also not that the units used by the bs flag are specified slightly
differently, as lower case characters, ie. bs=1m instead of bs=1M