[CentOS] /etc/gai.conf fails to prefer IPv4 over IPv6 for NFS

Sat Jun 9 14:51:11 UTC 2018
Steve Rikli <sr at genyosha.net>

In article <bc751efa-07f1-91de-9248-5f90f961bcb4 at gmail.com>,
Gordon Messmer  <centos at centos.org> wrote:
>On 06/08/2018 03:23 PM, Steve Rikli wrote:
>> This seems the most likely explanation, I'd just like to know for certain
>> before I give up on gai.conf and restort to disabling IPv6 or other
>> workarounds (e.g. /etc/nfsmount.conf).
>Have you tried specifying "proto=tcp" as a mount option?  That *should* 
>limit the client to IPv4.

Yes -- that's the other workaround I tried successfully.  Either in
auto.master mount options for the map, or Defaultproto=tcp in nfsmount.conf
works as desired.

I had hopes for gai.conf as the more universal solution, but apparently
it's not useable here.