[CentOS] Samba HOWTO wiki bug: chcon samba_share_t

Sat May 5 06:15:55 UTC 2018
Warren Young <warren at etr-usa.com>

On May 5, 2018, at 12:04 AM, Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 05/04/2018 04:05 PM, Warren Young wrote:
>> On May 4, 2018, at 4:11 PM, Louis Lagendijk <louis at fazant.net> wrote:
>>> The comment is correct: chcon will not survive a relabel. You need to
>>> update the database first (semanage fcontext) and then let a relabel
>>> apply the new context.
>> Alright, then why do I get that error when I give the command from this morning’s wiki text, and how do I avoid it?
> # od -c
> sudo semanage fcontext –at samba_share_t /path/to/share
> 0000000   s   u   d   o       s   e   m   a   n   a   g   e f   c
> 0000020   o   n   t   e   x   t     342 200 223   a   t       s a   m
> 0000040   b   a   _   s   h   a   r   e   _   t       /   p   a t   h
> 0000060   /   t   o   /   s   h   a   r   e  \n
> You get the error because that isn't a hyphen, it's an en-dash. Someone probably copied and pasted from Word.

The formatting is from my mailer.  The paste into the terminal wouldn’t have been affected.

And again, the chcon command succeeded, with the same type name, copied from the same source by the same method.