[CentOS] CentOS 7.5 Nautilus 100% reproducible crash.

Wed May 23 08:33:05 UTC 2018
George Labuschagne <george.labuschagne at megchem.co.za>

Pardon me, but I forgot to add that right after this crash, htop as root
shows the VBoxClient service running maxed on one core until system is

Not sure if it is CentOS bug or VirtualBox bug because this did not happen
in 7.4 on same version of VirtualBox, and unfortunately I don't have access
to a bare metal machine on which to install and test. 

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Good day


When trying to add an 'Other Locations' in Nautilus CentOS 7.5, Nautilus
always 100% of the time crash with a kernel error.


Here is a short video showing the workflow:




This did not happen in 7.4


Both 7.4 and 7.5 runs on VirtualBox 5.2.12 - but as stated before, this did
not happen in 7.4


I also did a fresh clean install of both 7.4 and 7.5, and 7.5 exhibits this
behaviour irrespective if it was updated or freshly installed.


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