[CentOS] elrepo kmod-nvidia issue with update

Tue May 1 01:33:52 UTC 2018
Paul R. Ganci <ganci at nurdog.com>

On 04/30/2018 05:20 PM, Chuck Campbell wrote:
> when I do yum update, elrepo offers kmod-nvifdia, but yum does this:
> --> Processing Dependency: kernel(sme_me_mask) = 0x17fbce60 for 
> package: kmod-nvidia-390.48-2.el7_5.elrepo.x86_64
> --> Processing Dependency: kernel(reservation_object_add_excl_fence) = 
> 0xea98efc0 for package: kmod-nvidia-390.48-2.el7_5.elrepo.x86_64
> --> Processing Dependency: kernel(drm_vblank_init) = 0xdcd50a49 for 
> package: kmod-nvidia-390.48-2.el7_5.elrepo.x86_64
> repeatedly, then says:
>  You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
>  You could try running: rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest
> Is there a problem on my end or theirs?

I have the same problem. When I visited the elrepo archives there was a 
post about this problem.


It appears there is a kernel driver build incompatibility that will go 
away when RHEL 7.5 comes to CentOS. For the moment I am a just excluding 
this update. The post suggests there is a version in testing that fixes 
the problem but I did not see it there. It looked like it was removed. 
For the moment I suggest patience.

Paul (ganci at nurdog.com)
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