[CentOS] Red Hat is Planning To Deprecate KDE on RHEL By 2024

Fri Nov 2 21:23:23 UTC 2018
SternData <subscribed-lists at sterndata.com>

On 11/2/18 3:19 PM, mark wrote:
> Leroy Tennison wrote:
>> I use KDE and they need to, quality is lacking, every time I boot up I
>> get to discover where my icons will be located (and this has been going
>> on through at least a couple of recvisions).  Locking doesn't help, even
>> making the file I thought contained the positions immutable didn't help.
>> I'm going to have to look at Trinity.
> Odd, I've never had that problem. On the other hand, I *really* dislike
> gnome. I think their target is 16 yr olds.

It all depends on how you arrange it and what extensions you use. I have
a very Mac-link setup on Gnome.


-- Steve