[CentOS] reading old dump backups from 2009

Sat Nov 3 10:26:35 UTC 2018
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> restore tvf u1_l0_04-29-09_md1.dump Verify tape and initialize maps
> Input is from a local file/pipe
> Checksum error 20311110402, inode 0 file (null)
> restore: Tape is not a dump tape

what does 'file' think the file is - i.e. what does

  file u1_l0_04-29-09_md1.dump


> Here's a log file from when the backup was done back in 2009:
> DUMP: Date of this level 0 dump: Wed Apr 29 09:24:36 2009
>    DUMP: Dumping /dev/md1 (/u1) to u1_l0_04-29-09_md1.dump
>    DUMP: Label: /u1
>    DUMP: Writing 10 Kilobyte records
>    DUMP: Compressing output at compression level 2 (bzlib)

>    DUMP: finished in 23704 seconds, throughput 4075 kBytes/sec
>    DUMP: Date of this level 0 dump: Wed Apr 29 09:24:36 2009
>    DUMP: Date this dump completed:  Wed Apr 29 16:00:09 2009
>    DUMP: Average transfer rate: 2146 kB/s
>    DUMP: Wrote 96607840kB uncompressed, 50878096kB compressed, 1.899:1

The dump is compressed.  What was the command line you used to create
the dump file?

Have you tried using 

  restore tzvf u1_l0_04-29-09_md1.dump

> Have there been any changes to the format of dump files and if so, is 
> there a version available that can read this older backup?

I don't think dump has changed anything in 20 years or so!  And I
certainly can't see it changing such that it can't read old files -
that is, sort of, it's raison d'etre.