[CentOS] Red Hat is Planning To Deprecate KDE on RHEL By 2024

Sat Nov 3 13:41:39 UTC 2018
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 11/03/2018 01:22 AM, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Le 02/11/2018 à 21:19, mark a écrit :
>> Odd, I've never had that problem. On the other hand, I *really* dislike
>> gnome. I think their target is 16 yr olds.
> My reaction to GNOME 3 has been roughly the same as with systemd. At
> first, I hated it with a passion. Then I saw everyone else seemed to use
> it. So I started to read the docs and experiment a little bit. And now
> I'm using it on a daily basis, and to my bewilderment, I've grown to
> like it.

What really did me in when I was trying to like it, the scroll bars were 
gone and I was told they could be put back in place with configuration. 
So I tried to find the configuration option and couldn't find it. Then I 
was told that I had to hand-code CSS to get them back.

I installed MATE the very next day.

I did briefly try it again a few month ago and I just can't figure it 
out. It's like it is trying to be a tablet OS or something, but I'm not 
using a touchscreen, I'm using a mouse and keyboard.