[CentOS] Red Hat is Planning To Deprecate KDE on RHEL By 2024

Sat Nov 3 18:06:05 UTC 2018
Robert Arkiletian <robark at gmail.com>

On Sat, Nov 3, 2018 at 3:19 AM Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk> wrote:
>    "A future major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux will no longer
>    support using KDE instead of the default GNOME desktop environment."
> The next major release is RHEL 8 - it won't support KDE. It doesn't
> mean KDE won't run on it, it just means it isn't supported.

To me "not supported" means the KDE packages (and all dependency libs)
will not be in the official repos. So have fun trying to build all
that yourself. Most likely there will be a third party unofficial repo
that will have those KDE packages.

BTW I think the new KDE Plasma desktop on Kubuntu 18.04 is fantastic.
Way more modern and polished than the old KDE days. Especially with
the alternative fullscreen dashboard application launcher. It's my
preferred desktop choice out of gnome3, mate, and xfce.