[CentOS] inquiry about limitation of file system

Sat Nov 3 22:50:24 UTC 2018
Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net>

On Sun, 4 Nov 2018 06:37:53 +0800 (CST)
yf chu wrote:

> Thank you for your advice. I know the issue depends on  a lot of factors.
> Would you please give me some detail information about how to tune these
> parameters such as the size of cache,the type of cpu? I am not quite familiar
> with these detail.

Depending on the nature of these "millions of files", you may want to consider a database-backed application rather than simply dumping the files into a directory tree of some kind.   I assume that you'll have to index your files in some way to make all of these web pages useful, so a database might be what you want instead of a simple heap o' html files.

Then you won't be dealing with millions of files.  A properly constructed database can be very efficient; a lot of very smart people have put a lot of thought into making it so.

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