[CentOS] Evolution: always a 90-second delay

Sun Nov 11 15:44:59 UTC 2018
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 11/11/18 4:44 AM, Pete Biggs wrote:
> it is generally better to use IMAP, and in that case what the mail client uses to store mail is not relevant since no mail is stored locally.

Most IMAP clients that I've used treat IMAP as a synchronization 
protocol for their local mail store (cache), so I don't think it's 
technically true that no mail is stored locally.  Though the storage 
format does matter less.  I typically exclude the cache from backups, 
and the kind of excessive writes typical of mbox don't matter much when 
an entire disk is used by one user (me) rather than a large office.  So, 
the benefits of maildir are minimized on desktop clients.