[CentOS] CentOS 7 + GNOME : all icon themes broken after update from CR

Mon Nov 19 15:23:27 UTC 2018
Tru Huynh <tru at centos.org>

On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 12:51:13PM +0100, Nicolas Kovacs wrote:
> Hi,
> I just upgraded one of my CentOS 7 + GNOME desktops from the CR repo.
> After the upgrade, it seems like all of the icon themes are broken.
> Missing icons everywhere.
> Any idea what's going on here ?

it just works for me: no issue

[centos at salle4-70 ~]$ sudo yum list \*theme\*
Installed Packages
adwaita-cursor-theme.noarch                          3.28.0-1.el7                                   @cr      
adwaita-gtk2-theme.x86_64                            3.28-2.el7                                     @cr      
adwaita-icon-theme.noarch                            3.28.0-1.el7                                   @cr      
gnome-icon-theme.noarch                              3.12.0-1.el7                                   @anaconda
gnome-icon-theme-extras.noarch                       3.12.0-1.el7                                   @anaconda
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic.noarch                     3.12.0-2.el7                                   @anaconda
gnome-shell-extension-user-theme.noarch              3.28.1-5.el7                                   @cr      
gnome-themes-standard.x86_64                         3.28-2.el7                                     @cr      
hicolor-icon-theme.noarch                            0.12-7.el7                                     @anaconda
mate-icon-theme.noarch                               1.16.2-1.el7                                   @epel    
mate-themes.noarch                                   3.22.18-1.el7                                  @epel    
oxygen-icon-theme.noarch                             4.10.5-2.el7                                   @anaconda
plymouth-system-theme.x86_64                         0.8.9-0.31.20140113.el7.centos                 @anaconda
plymouth-theme-charge.x86_64                         0.8.9-0.31.20140113.el7.centos                 @anaconda
sound-theme-freedesktop.noarch                       0.8-3.el7                                      @anaconda
Available Packages

Tru Huynh 
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