[CentOS] Hypervisor and access method for workstation VM

Mon Nov 19 15:30:13 UTC 2018
Barry Brimer <lists at brimer.org>

I am planning to set up a virtualization host to host a Linux workstation 
VM. It may also host a Windows VM down the road but not on the initial 
list. I'm looking for suggestions as far as:

* oVirt or CentOS? (Did I miss a CentOS equivalent of RHV somewhere?) I'm 
not interested in running VMware. Is it easy to upgrade oVirt or is it 
disruptive to do so?

* Does anyone have real world experience running SPICE over a WAN with 
VPN? I hear great things about SPICE .. but haven't heard much about how 
it performs over a WAN .. which in this case is the Internet with an 
SSL-based VPN.

I have plenty of Linux experience and am very comfortable with a command 
line and config files, but wouldn't mind a graphical interface for some of 
the virtualization components. I may expand to a second virtualization 
host at some point, but it is not in the initial plan.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.