[CentOS] Hypervisor and access method for workstation VM

Wed Nov 21 23:28:16 UTC 2018
Gregory P. Ennis <PoMec at PoMec.Net>

I am planning to set up a virtualization host to host a Linux
VM. It may also host a Windows VM down the road but not on the initial 
list. I'm looking for suggestions as far as:

* oVirt or CentOS? (Did I miss a CentOS equivalent of RHV somewhere?)
not interested in running VMware. Is it easy to upgrade oVirt or is it 
disruptive to do so?

* Does anyone have real world experience running SPICE over a WAN with 
VPN? I hear great things about SPICE .. but haven't heard much about
it performs over a WAN .. which in this case is the Internet with an 
SSL-based VPN.

I have plenty of Linux experience and am very comfortable with a
line and config files, but wouldn't mind a graphical interface for some
the virtualization components. I may expand to a second virtualization 
host at some point, but it is not in the initial plan.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



I am in to 3 months of experimenting with a lab machine that I use as
my desktop.  I have used Centos 7.5 host and am using kvm.  I have an
Intel I7-7700 with 64 gigs of memory, two M2 cards each with 250 gigs,
and a RAID 6 array with an LSI card.  I have two other centos 7.5 guest
virtual machine and one windows10 virtual machine.    After I figured
out how everything works ..... I love it.

The biggest problem I had was building a network bridge, (br0) I never
got it to stay working until I turned off NetworkManager on the host.

I am planning a production hypervisor in the next 3 to 6 months that
will have a mail server, database server, and gateway server as guests.

I also had some difficulty with gnome on the host when I started, but
finally got that fixed.  I experimented with the Cinnamon desktop and
was very impressed as to they way it manages multiple guests and
desktops.  I ended up switching back to gnome because that was all I
needed, and my fingers are used to it now. 

Hope this helps,

Greg Ennis