[CentOS] [OT] Where to buy S/MIME ??

Tue Nov 27 23:33:15 UTC 2018
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 11/25/18 5:35 AM, Alice Wonder wrote:
> The "free for personal" S/MIME from Comodo didn't work. Browser said 
> it did but there was nothing to export for me to then import. I 
> suspect it is because I used private browser window,

Probably, yes.  I've used that service in the past without issue.

> I really don't like the idea of a private key stored in browser 
> anyway. And it never asked for a password to encrypt the private key

Setting a password will protect all of the certificates stored by 
Firefox.  Select: Preferences -> Privacy and Security -> Security 
Devices (under Certificates) -> Software Security Device -> Change password

Chrome may have a similar option, but I don't see it and I don't see 
documentation for it.\

> nor let me specify key strength (only let me choose between medium and 
> high - I assume high is 4096 but I don't know, it didn't say)

There's very little harm in getting a certificate and examining it to 
find out.  You can destroy it later with no ill effect.