[CentOS] A newbie question about searching an installed packet

Thu Nov 8 19:52:57 UTC 2018
Pierre Malard <plm at teledetection.fr>


I’m french and literally one. So I’m not really easy with Sheakespeare language. So, accept my apologies.

As write in subject, I’m a newbie about CentOS an all RedHat declines. I wrote a Shell script for ours Debians (all sort of Debian like) which verify which packets are present before running. I thought I had found an equivalent with « yum list installed | grep <packet> » command but I have sometime alerts about a lock because an other instance of « yum » is running.

I don’t understand why a simple « yum list » impose that! I suppose, like with « aptitude search », it is an understanding scorie.

I’m sure there is an other way to do what I want to do: just verify if a packet is, or not, installed.



Pierre Malard

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perl -e '$_=q#: 3|\ 5_,3-3,2_: 3/,`.'"'"'`'"'"' 5-.  ;-;;,_:  |,A-  ) )-,_. ,\ (  `'"'"'-'"'"': '"'"'-3'"'"'2(_/--'"'"'  `-'"'"'\_): 24πr::#;y#:#\n#;s#(\D)(\d+)#$1x$2#ge;print'
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