[CentOS] Evolution: always a 90-second delay

Sun Nov 11 00:37:10 UTC 2018
Yves Bellefeuille <yan at storm.ca>

I'm trying to use Evolution on the latest CentOS 7.

Whenever I try to receive or send mail, there's always a 90-second
delay before the connection works. Since the delay is always exactly
90 seconds, I think I may be waiting for something to time out.

Perhaps this is a clue. My address is user at example.com. I have to log
in to pop.example.com or imap.example.com as user, not as
user at example.com. Evolution seems to always try to connect as
user at pop.example.com or user at imap.example.com. I can't get it to try
to connect as user. Perhaps it tries to log in incorrectly and gives
up after 90 seconds, and then tries to log in correctly.

I want to use Evolution because I want my mail client to use maildir
rather then mbox. I used to use kmail, but that's no longer possible
with CentOS 7.

Yves Bellefeuille
<yan at storm.ca>