[CentOS] rpmbuild errors

Mon Nov 26 10:35:19 UTC 2018
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Hi list,
I need a more updated version of bacula because I need to backup a 
debian workstation.

So I decided to build my own bacula package base on bacula 9.2.0.

I'm new to rpmbuild and I created my bacula.spec file but when running 
rpmbuild -ba bacula.spec I got error about check-rpaths like:

ERROR   0001: file '/usr/sbin/bregex' contains a standard rpath 
'/usr/lib64' in [/usr/lib64]

Running rpmbuild as suggested, adding QA_RPATHS=$[ 0x0001|0x0010 ] works 
without problem but I don't understand what is wrong with my spec files.

Another issue that I found is when installing this rpm. It reports that 
my bacula package requires libbaccats-9.2.0.so()(64bit) but this file is 
inside rpm so to solve this I must add to my spec file:

Provides:       libbaccats-9.2.0.so()(64bit)

That permit to install my new rpm.

How I can solve this 2 issues?

Thanks in advance.