[CentOS] Trouble installing with Nvidia card

Wed Oct 3 20:29:42 UTC 2018
Elliott Balsley <elliott at altsystems.com>

> Why?  7.5.1804 has been out since May of this year.  You're going to
> end up downloading a ton of updates the first time.

For a specialized software, we have to wait for the developers to certify
each new OS.  They are still recommending 7.3.  One reason in particular is
that 7.5 has a fix for Meltdown and Spectre, which known to reduce
performance.  This machine will be airgapped, so performance trumps

> I suggest going into the BIOS and disable the internal video port, if
> that's possible.  You might be able to indicate which video device to
> use for default with the right video= parameter to the kernel for the
> bootloader.
> This is not possible.  The best I can do is switch VGA priority to
offboard, that controls which screen shows POST messages.
Also — this time it shows a few more lines, nouveau says unknown chipset
So I think I can fix it by adding nomodeset to the boot options.