[CentOS] mount points @install time

Tue Oct 9 13:23:29 UTC 2018
peter.winterflood <peter.winterflood at ossi.co.uk>

On 09/10/18 13:42, lejeczek via CentOS wrote:
> hi everyone,
> is there a way to add custom mount points at installation point?
> And if there is would you say /usr should/could go onto a separate 
> partition?
> many thanks, L.
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there was a time (sunos 1990's for example) where mounting /usr on a 
separate partition was normal.

this might have been because disks at the time were too small to install 
the whole operating system on one, so usr could be located on another 

this is also why we sometimes have a /usr/sbin and /sbin for example. so 
theres the binaries needed for start up in /sbin, which would mount first.

anyway i digress for reasons of providing some background.

most people dont do this any more as they see it as unnecessary.

the only benefit to lots of separate partitions is to reduce the chances 
of data loss should a filesystem on that partition get corrupted.

on much older filesystems corruption was more common, another reason why 
it was done, today there filesystems/hardware are much more robust.

its also a way of restricting fragmentation to the disks that change 
alot, again almost certainly unnecessary today.

so while its mostly unnecessary, if you do custom partitioning during 
installation where you select what sizes , filesystem types , and mount 
points are created at install, you can do it there.

alternatively if using kickstart you can specify it in the kickstart.cfg 
file as another partition.

regards peter