[CentOS] Scroll bar arrows missing and behaviour change

Fri Oct 12 11:19:40 UTC 2018
Bill Gee <bgee at campercaver.net>

I agree that issue with the scroll bar jumping all over is really annoying!  
It is actually a feature of Gnome and GTK.  It can be changed by editing a 



You may have to create this file.  Firefox is a good GTK application to verify 
that the setting works.  I use it on a CentOS 7 system which uses LXDE for the 

In Fedora there is an item in Settings which can control this.  It is in the 
System Settings application:  Appearance - Application Style - Gnome 
Application Style and is called "On left-clicking the scroll bar".

As for your first question, I do not know how to get the arrows back.  I have 
not missed them.

Bill Gee

On Friday, October 12, 2018 3:48:00 AM CDT Gary Stainburn wrote:
> I have done some Googling on this but everything I've found appears to be at
> least 2 years old and mostly refers to Gnome
> TBH, I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned it - maybe it's only happened
> to me.
> At some point over the last few months the behaviour of the scroll bars
> changed and I'm finding it very annoying.
> Firstly, the arrows have vanished.
> Secondly, when clicking on the scroll bar background either above or below
> the drag bar instead of doing a page up or page down which is what it used
> to do (and what I want it to continue doing) it now moves the scroll bar to
> that absolute position, i.e. if I click on 75% down the scroll bar it jumps
> to 75% of the document.
> As this is happening in all apps I'm assuming it's something within KDE that
> had changed.
> I'm running an up-to-date Centos 7 x64 running the KDE desktop.
> Anyone got suggestions on how I can get back the the old style (windows
> clone) behaviour and appearance?
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