[CentOS] Scroll bar arrows missing and behaviour change

Sat Oct 13 01:41:51 UTC 2018
Elliott Balsley <elliott at altsystems.com>

> Hmmm...  It works for me on both CentOS 7 (Firefox 60.2.1) and Fedora 28
> (Firefox 62.0.3).
> As per the linked documentation - What happens if you SHIFT-CLICK on the
> scroll bar?  On my systems I find that SHIFT-CLICK on the scroll bar
> produces
> the "warp speed" behavior, exactly as expected.
> https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/unstable/GtkSettings.html#GtkSettings--gtk-primary-button-warps-slider
> In Firefox 45.4, shift-click reverses the behavior, so it scrolls a page
at a time.  It ignores the primary warp setting.
I also checked in Terminal, and it respects that setting.  With primary
warp turned off, it moves a page at a time, regardless of whether I hold
shift.  With primary warp turned on, it warps regardless of whether I hold
I'll try updating Firefox.

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