[CentOS] C 7 installation annoyances

Tue Oct 16 10:05:18 UTC 2018
Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro>

The EL7 partitioner is a complete disaster and I regularly bitch about it on twitter and irc.
You could try to convince it with kickstart and bypass the GUI altogether.
Another option is to boot in a Live CD and do you partitioning from there either manually or via Gparted and hope these changes will be picked up by the EL7 installer so you can just use them as they are.


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> In the disk partitioner, I can't
>  1) choose to make the LVM with root and swap be on a RAID 1. Is there
>        some way to do that, rather than two separate partitions RAIDed?
>  2) They don't align, so I can't clone /dev/sda to /dev/sdb as a
>        failover (for /boot and /boot/efi). I've created those two, manually,
>        and nope, it wiped them out, so I can't clone those two.
> Any solutions for either of these? I don't have hardware RAID card on this
> box.
>     mark
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