[CentOS] What are the differences between systemd and non-systemd Linux distros?

Wed Oct 17 22:08:37 UTC 2018
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>


Every couple of months we seem to get a systemd usage discussion on this

But really, discussions whether to use systemd (or anything else in the
RHEL source code) really isn't appropriate here .. because, we rebuild
what is released as source code for RHEL.  If Red Hat decided to shift
from the Linux Kernel to the Windows 10 kernel (or the Free BSD Kernel,
or a Mac OS Kernel or whatever).. and if it was open source .. then the
CentOS kernel would shift to that as well.  CentOS is a rebuild of the
RHEL source code .. therefore, it will contain whatever is released in
RHEL in our base OS.

Also, someone said we were 'forcing' them to use something they didn't
want to use.  That is actually quite hilarious .. since CentOS is
completely free and no one HAS to use it for anything at all.  It is
also open source .. so you can use only the parts you want, and build
and use anything else with it that you want if you don't like certain
pieces of it.

The bottom line .. we don't make the decision whether or not to use
systemd or not.  We rebuild RHEL source code.

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