[CentOS] Check version from installer disc

Thu Oct 18 20:18:07 UTC 2018
Elliott Balsley <elliott at altsystems.com>

> From a end state perspective, it does not matter . . yum update after
> the install (of either) ends at exactly the same place.

I will not be running any updates, because I need to keep a specific old
version for software compatibility. I don't know which ISO the USB stick
was made from.

> Also, a 'uname -a'  from the command prompt will tell you ..

This would be perfect; how do you get to a shell from the installer? I only
see the option to install.

  That is also the only version which is tested at any point in time.
> (latest + all
> updates)

Tested by whom? Each software vendor may test and recommend differently.

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