[CentOS] Future Releases

Fri Oct 19 01:18:29 UTC 2018
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

On 10/18/18 4:14 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 10/18/2018 12:36 PM, Walter H. wrote:
>> On 18.10.2018 00:08, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> The bottom line .. we don't make the decision whether or not to use
>>> systemd or not.  We rebuild RHEL source code.
>> will there come a CentOS 6.11 which will be capable of TLS1.3 or HTTP/2?
>> I'm sure there will come a CentOS 8, but when is it probable to be
>> released?
> We have no idea .. we don't design what is in CentOS.  If Red Hat adds
> those things to RHEL-6 then we will put them in CentOS .. If they don't
> we won't.

And for example, if RH does not backport openSSL 1.1.1, you will not get 
EDDSA certificate support for TLS  1.3.  Now you might not care about 
this for your servers and just continue to use ECDSA certs. Clients will 
increasingly encounter EDDSA certs and it will be interesting to see how 
this is handled in older clients.  We have had years to spread support 
for ECDSA before it started appearing from servers.  May not for EDDSA.

Self-touting, I have an Internet Draft out on using openSSL command line 
to build an EDDSA pki.  I did the work on Fedora29-beta.

I think all the other TLS 1.3 features are in the latest 1.0.n version 
of openSSL.  Of course that is ALSO a backport issue.

I have been told that if you set up your client to only accept TLS 1.3 
connections, the Secure Internet gets really small really fast...

>> one of the most important things (for me), as I already noticed there
>> will be quite differences
>> between CentOS 6 and CentOS 7, not only systemd or not, also Apache 2.2
>> and 2.4
>> and many other;
>> the config files won't be the same, will there be a migrate helper or
>> something like this
>> which does the config conversion to get a CentOS 7 or maybe then CentOS 8
>> that does exact the same things the old CentOS 6 did?
> No, there is no automated way to move from CentOS-6 to CentOS-7 .. and
> we have no idea what will be in CentOS-8 until Red Hat releases RHEL-8.
> We have no idea what will be in CentOS-6.11 until Red Hat releases
> RHEL-6.11 .. and we have no idea what will be in the release of CentOS-7
> until Red Hat releases RHEL-7.6 .. literally, we take the source code
> they release .. modify it for Trademarks and Logos .. and release it.
> Until it is released, we don't have a clue.
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