[CentOS] Upstream and downstream (was Re: What are the differences between systemd and non-systemd Linux distros?)

Sat Oct 20 16:09:04 UTC 2018
Yan Li <elliot.li.tech at gmail.com>

On 10/20/18 8:37 AM, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
> Oh, great, I now can see the world with your eyes! And last part about
> servers life cycle wise doesn't sound much different from what I do using
> FreeBSD and jails. The only difference is maybe in how frequently I have
> to reboot Linux (any flavor) due to kernel or glibc security update
> compared to reboot of FreeBSD.

Yup. That's indeed a problem that the Fedora kernel is moving a bit too 
fast for a server. Our machines sit behind a firewall, and as of I know, 
our students are not crazy about privilege escalation/Meltdown attacking 
their own servers. So we usually only reboot when there's a power outage 
that is longer than what our UPS could handle, which is unfortunately 
quite common on this campus.

Yan Li