[CentOS] IBM buying RedHat

Tue Oct 30 08:39:29 UTC 2018
Andreas Kasenides <andreas.kasenides at cs.ucy.ac.cy>

On 30/10/2018 09:25, Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. wrote:
> On 10/30/18 3:20 AM, Rob Kampen wrote:
>> On 30/10/18 20:06, Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. wrote:
>>> On 10/30/18 2:46 AM, Simon Matter wrote:
>>>>> On 10/29/18 1:55 AM, Simon Matter wrote:
>>>>>> To me it seems like, if they are smart, they will try to push IBM 
>>>>>> POWER
>>>>>> and RedHat Linux together to establish real competition in the 
>>>>>> hardware
>>>>>> market again (and of course don't forget to keep Fedora/CentOS 
>>>>>> alive)!
>>>>> Er, RHEL has been running on Power for a very long time. The fastest
>>>>> supercomputer in the world is Power9 + RHEL.
>>>> What I meant is that POWER could become a competitor for Intel/AMD 
>>>> based
>>>> servers. We're now running AMD EPYC servers with 64Cores/128Threads 
>>>> and we
>>>> didn't find any POWER system which could compete in this area.
>>>> Also, looking at TOP500 list there are not so many POWER systems 
>>>> anymore.
>>>> IBM could change this now.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Simon
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>>> Yeah.....I guess that's one way to look at it.
>>> My biggest worry? Is I've placed so much time and effort "getting to 
>>> know" Fedora and its intricacies, idiosyncrasies, its ins and 
>>> outs...dealt with ridicule on this very same list when I first 
>>> started, have "cut my teeth" on learning VERY hard lessons about 
>>> certain syntax in the Terminal and what NOT to type.......only to 
>>> have that all "taken" away from me at the whim of IBM. It just seems 
>>> unfair. I'm hoping like H3LL that the developers @ Fedora are 
>>> seriously thinking about forking "Just In Case"!? I mean they could 
>>> still use the .RPM extensions, and possibly even still pull their 
>>> code from RHEL, but at least they would be autonomous and wouldn't 
>>> have to rely on IBM's good will in order to keep on churning out 
>>> what....to me...is the best Linux distro on the planet! As I write 
>>> this....I'm eyeballing the spare ThinkPad T-410 that I've neglected 
>>> since I have Fedora running on a Dell XPS, and I'm thinking its time 
>>> to get "back to my roots" and to find a distro I can put on that 
>>> device and run without concern....I've heard some decent things 
>>> about this "Pop-OS" which comes with System76's hardware. Maybe I'll 
>>> give that a spin......then like I had said before...there's always 
>>> Debian plain vanilla...with maybe MATE or Cinnamon?.....or else its 
>>> going to have to be where I buckle down and finally learn all there 
>>> is to know about LFS and Arch Linux and then move on to one of 
>>> those...(God!.....at 47!?....its like how can I POSSIBLY start over 
>>> again!?...) and THIS is the kind of turmoil that ensues when a 
>>> corporation buys a fully functioning open course company!
>> wow, I am just 62 and looking forward to the next round of CentOS - 
>> version 8 coming up? - must be due soon ....
>> Love learning new stuff, it never gets old (pun intended).
>> sorry for the noise, but couldn't resist, must be the age ....
> Hahahaah!.....good one! Now THAT made me smile!.....thanks for the 
> laugh! Gotta remember to not always be the Doom & Gloom bearer! :o)! 
> Guess I'll just keep on truckin' with F29...and hope all goes well.

But it is also entirely possible that CentOS 8 will be the last one to 
come out. Before a corporate agenda will "merge" it with their general 

To me it looks pathetic that a lively profitable entity with an entirely 
different corporate psychology is consumed by big conglomerates. What for?

By the way I am 60 and been following Linux/Linus since Kernel 0.99. 
Some time before RedHat appeared strong on the scene.