[CentOS] IBM buying RedHat

Tue Oct 30 09:30:41 UTC 2018
rainer at ultra-secure.de <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

Am 2018-10-30 10:03, schrieb Eddie G. O'Connor Jr.:

> _To me it looks pathetic that a lively profitable entity with an
> entirely different corporate psychology is consumed by big
> conglomerates. What for? _

Even more profit.
Also, borrowing money is still very cheap these days (AFAIK, Amazon has 
financed most of their expansion - this is only possible because of 
continuously low interest rates) and companies want to take advantage of 
that, while low interest rates lasts.

> _By the way I am 60 and been following Linux/Linus since Kernel 0.99.
> Some time before RedHat appeared strong on the scene."_
> _ _
> _Andreas - 10.2018 _
> It might not be a "PROBABLE" scenario...but its is a POSSIBLE one!
> What would that entail? Just because Red Hat is a strong contributor
> to the code now....if "Big Daddy" says to pull the plug....who's to
> refuse them?...they OWN Red Hat now!

Yes, possible.

As of currently, RedHat isn't really replaceable.

IBM might sack half of the RHAT devs but that doesn't mean they could 
continue to write their code at some other place.
That other place would have to pay them, too, and it's unlikely to be 
for the same thing as before.

You can clearly see that in the OpenSolaris forks: a lot of people were 
let go, but none of the forks really took off.
The people went elsewhere.

IBM knows all this. There's likely going to be MSFT-licensing squeeze 
going to happen in the (somewhat distant) future.
And a push to cloud (and OpenShift).

 From what I hear, almost all software-vendors are increasing licensing 
costs next year. Not only MSFT. Everybody that thinks they can get away 
with raising prices is doing so right now.