[CentOS] IBM buying RedHat

Tue Oct 30 15:40:43 UTC 2018
rainer at ultra-secure.de <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

Am 2018-10-30 15:53, schrieb Simon Matter:

> Still I wasn't sure how to compare the real life speed of POWER9 
> compared
> to something like the AMD EPYC 7601.

It probably depends on the workload.

> And then, will everything work smooth
> on POWER the same way it does on the AMD?

AFAIK, there were a lot of microcode-updates from AMD to fix bugs in the 
first batches of Threadripper and Epyc.

It was not smooth sailing from the very beginning.

> POWER seems still not a first
> preference arch for CentOS, so how would it impact us? Is it smart to 
> add
> another CPU arch if we still have to run some X86 code, like in our 
> case
> SAP MaxDB (which is also available for AIX on POWER but not Linux on
> In the end we decided for AMD EPYC but kept the POWER thing in mind. 
> Now
> that IBM announces the purchase of RedHat it just reminded me that this
> could become interesting again in the future. Let's see how it goes.