[CentOS] Would RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora Remain Open Source/Free Software After IBM Buys Red Hat for $34 Billion?

Wed Oct 31 14:47:31 UTC 2018
Mark Rousell <mark.rousell at signal100.com>

On 31/10/2018 13:55, Leroy Tennison wrote:
> My real fear is that a certain un-named company is going to feel pressured to buy Canonical.

I originally thought that this unnamed company (if we're thinking of the
same one) would be an ideal buyer for Red Hat (or, more correctly, that
RH would be ideal for them) but IBM got there first.

That leaves either SUSE or Canonical. Until recently I thought SUSE
might be next best after Red Hat but I'm beginning to think that
Canonical would be their best bet. Canonical would probably be a bargain
buy at the moment.

I'll probably draw anger for saying this but I actually think they get
open source now, and Canonical (or SUSE) would be safe with them. They'd
destroy the value of the purchase if they mucked it up or tried to
integrate it.

Time will tell, I guess.

Mark Rousell