[CentOS] Trouble installing with Nvidia card

Wed Oct 3 19:49:31 UTC 2018
Elliott Balsley <elliott at altsystems.com>

Hi all,
I'm having trouble doing a fresh install of CentOS 7.3.  I'm using the DVD
installer ISO, burned to a USB flash drive.  The system is a Supermicro
7048 with four Nvidia Titan Xp GPUs, and I have the monitor connected to
the first GPU.  In the BIOS, VGA priority is set to Offboard, so I am
seeing POST messages (good).

The CentOS installer begins and shows a few messages on my monitor, but it
stops after "Reached target Basic System" ok.  At this point, if I connect
a second monitor to the motherboard VGA port, then I see the installer
continuing on that screen.  Is there some way to install without using a
VGA monitor?

Thanks in advance.